What attendees have said about their experience of our
Dream Retreat:

"It changed my life by answering questions; it helped me address myself, but I needed community to do it. It gave me awareness and energy to make changes."


"I felt very comfortable all the time No concerns or issues at all regarding the process."


"The whole retreat seemed to be relaxed in terms in its flow."... since the retreat, I have shared this dream and the results of the follow-up I had talked about there with numerous people this past week and that has continued to broaden and deepen my understanding of the dream."


" I especially liked the group. I came with a dream that I never could have unpacked on my own without their help. And yet, it was something very powerful and really opened up some insights about where my life is at this time.” "[Also] I loved the food."


" St. Francis Springs is a great place ... [for this]. I just liked the whole thing. It’s such a fulfilling experience that I really don't know what can improve it."


If you care about your unconscious and who deep down you really are, you shouldn't miss this opportunity to learn more about "you" by doing dreamwork in a supportive group setting. There is probably no greater challenge or responsibility than to get to know yourself - and what's *really* going on inside.


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Dreams: Lighting Your Path to Wisdom

Dreams: Lighting Your Path to Wisdom

Friday, September 17 – Sunday, September 19, 2021
at a FIVE STAR retreat center near Greensboro in Stoneville, NC

led by Tom Lane, D. Min.  

Professional Dreamworker, former Board Member of The International Association for the Study of Dreams, retired North Carolina Licensed Professional Counselor and former National Certified Counselor, a presenter of workshops Nationally and Internationally. Prior to retirement, Tom has been a Certified Reality Therapist. He is a trained Spiritual Director and a Presbyterian Church (USA) minister honorably retired. In 2007, Tom founded Journey Conferences to explore and further the conversation of Christianity and other faiths with psychology rooted in the work of C. G. Jung.

A Heartwarming Time Away to:

  • LEARN essential wisdom your dreams have come to tell you.

  • DISCOVER their specific meanings for your own health & wholeness.
  • ENJOY a depth of camaraderie with other women and men at a FIVE STAR retreat center not far from Greensboro.
Cost*: $395.00 (includes tuition, meals and lodging (double occupancy)
( A Limited number of single rooms may be available for an additional fee -- see below. )
Discounted Rates may be available on a time-limited basis
please check with Tom before making your reservation.

We are liable to the conference center for an added fee for a single room, so please sign up with a roommate, if possible. If not, along with your registration payment, you will need to include a separate check or pay a separate e-bill in one of the following two amounts:

If you prefer having a roommate, $65.00. Along with your efforts, we will attempt to find a suitable roommate for you. Your single room surcharge will be returned to you, if you share a room.

If you prefer a single room, $75.00. This will give you priority over those not requesting to room by themselves.

In either case, if a single room is not available and you end up sharing a room, we will refund you $65.00. Otherwise all fees become non-refundable after August 1, 2021 as we will need to make advance payment to the Retreat Center for your accommodations.

If you are signing up with a roommate who is not able to register with you, please make the single room surcharge payment under the terms above.
A first-time attendee you enlist to share your room can enjoy your same rate until July 19, 2021, as long as the space remains.


      IMPORTANT: Please use the form linked below to indicate your level of interest

Registration occurs when we receive payment. 

By mail to: "Tom Lane," P.O. box # 38844,
                     Greensboro, NC 27438-8844

or if you prefer to pay online, please select the option on the form below to receive an e-bill, so you can pay by credit card via PayPal.  

(There will be a 3.2% handling charge for paying electronically, to cover our additional costs.)

To REGISTER for this retreat; make a comment or ask a question;

To Qualify for and receive information
 about Current and Future Discounts


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For more information, financing concerns or to check availability,
contact Tom at (336) 545 -1200 or


Please share this information -- forward to your friends who may be  interested today!
Send them the link:

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